Thursday, September 1, 2011

Deek a.K.a The King Of Slabs Presents.....

Along with a New friend.. we decided it was time to take GTA-SA to a whole new level.. So between my pure awesome talent of modeling, his decent talent of  modeling.. & awesome talent of ingaming just about anything I can model.. I now present to you.. the people of GTA-modding.. ONE HELL OF A CRAZY CUSTOM!

??? WTF IS THIS.. Another Rolls-Royce????

OF COURSE NOT.. That would be to easy for the King Of Slabs......
22 inch Custom "Bladez" Modeled by: Me (Deek)

Now Time for the Show... :)

By now you have probably went :O then said WTF Deek.. Well.. There is more :)

 That's correct there people.. a ragtop Chevy Phantom Wagon.. And being set in that big empty cargo spot in the back.. A top of the line custom audio setup....

Rolls Royce Phantom Front model: NikiTooh

Chevy Caprice Wagon Model: Pumbars

Still alot of work left.. but the final result will be mind blowing and worth it!

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