Monday, March 28, 2011

New Drift Team!!!

For a few years now [GFP] Tag I run has only been used by me.. But with my recent return to SAMP, I started to think.. Maybe it's time Deek started his own drift team.. 

WhipLash Drift Team

Here are some of the basic NEED TO KNOWS, that will be useful to know BEFORE apply!
[ Test Server [SDU] SA-MP Drift Union Community Server ] 
-You will need SA-MP 0.3"a" to take test-

1. Tests will be given by ME only. 

2. There are "5" Test areas "4" which take place on the STANDARD gta-sa map which I will ride ALONG with you for the test! The FINAL test which takes place on SAnika you will need to go HEAD to HEAD against ME.. you do NOT need to beat me, but you do have to remain close. IF you happen to beat me that is fine. but the whole purpose is to make sure you can handle opponents.. 
I have also taken the time to mark those 4 STANDARD gta-sa test areas on the map BELOW!

3. You may use handling line mods "HOWEVER" it will be best you contact me in advance to let me know your handling line and which car it is placed on - so that during the test it don't look like you suck! lol... Hopefully this rule makes sense!

4. TEAM MEMBERS MUST BE RESPECTFUL! I do not allow childish behavior! You WILL respect any and all other team members and or OTHER TEAMS! if there are any problems with OTHER TEAMS.. or members of my team... bring them to ME and I will do my best to solve them..
Team Application

Current SA-MP Name:
-Other Teams You Belong To:


-Native Language:
--Can you speak English?:
( I only speak english so please keep that in mind! )

Will you be using a Handling Line mod?: 

---!Please Reply to this Post by Leaving a comment with your application info!---

Test Area image below!

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  1. Team Application

    Current SA-MP Name: [PSD]Felix
    Other Teams You Belong To: [PSD] [TJD]

    Age: 15

    Country: Indonesian
    Native Language: Indonesian
    Can you speak English: CAN

    Will you be using a Handling Line mod: Yes but Not For Elegy