Saturday, December 31, 2011

My 3d Modeling.

I have recently had alot of request for rims/tires & other parts along with full cars. I have decided to accept request on a fair trade deal.

Let me explain how this works.
I not only do alot of 3d modeling but I am also a bit of a Forza Motorsports Fan (xbox 360).
That said I have decided to take 3d modeling request in trade for (NEW - Xbox (microsoft) Points, 1month, 3months & 12months(1 year) Xbox live gold.

How it works is you contact me via blog, skype, yahoo, msn messenger OR EMAIL (though MSN). And make your request. I will then reply with how long it will take me to complete the model, Price
[example: 3 different sets of rims (anystyle) will cost - 1month xbox live gold OR "800" Xbox (microsoft) Points ]

I specialize in modeling the following: Car Audio, Rim & Tires, Misc. Parts (5th wheel continental kits, Engines, Grills), & Full 3d cars. Now mind you what I will charge for a for a FULL 3D Car model will be NO LESS than "4000 Xbox (microsoft) Points OR 12 month xbox live gold (That averages about $60.00 USD).

Payment procedure will be discussed VIA EMAIL! But to make it know, Payment process this way is far easier than Paypal & Other means.

When ever I have new models for sale they will be posted here starting with "FOR SALE" in the beginning of the post title!