Saturday, February 26, 2011

Some 3D Audio shit modeled by ME! Read all the little notes for details!

Ok so I promised Some Pictures.. Here They Are.. ALL AUDIO & WHEELS MODELED BY ME!!
[The CARS how ever I did NOT model - Respect to thier authors..I Have NOT made ANY MAJOR changes of thier modeling, I have only added to it! As it is hard to get a hold of people to ask permission to completely tear the model apart like most of the mod thiefs do..!]
!!!!Do NOT ask for downloads.. there wont be any.. how ever The AUDIO will be listed on TURBOSQUID for 10$!!!!

Below: The start of my 3D audio setup.. The NEON lettering.. [It's a Texas Thang...]

Below: The starting of the 3D Sub Enclosure...

Below: The FINISHED Sub Enclosure & The Begining Of Modeling The "audiobahn" Subwoofer...

Below: The Start Off modeling of the FRONT "cone" of the "audiobahn" subwoofer...

Below: The FULLY 3D "audiobahn" logo... [Yeah thats how I do.. no simple modeling and than putting all the details in textures.. I do it BIG DOG style!..] 

Below: The Finished "audiobahn" subwoofer... [Was so busy modeling I lost track & forgot to make some W-I-P renders to go from the start to the FINISHED result - MY BAD]

Below: Finished 3d Sub Enclosure & Subwoofer, YES ALL the flames are fully 3D... [Also the start of modeling the "audiobahn" Amp...

Below: Details Being made to the Amp Mesh....[I am sure by now you are all]

Below: MORE 3D detail added to the Amp, Includes 3D flames, Wire hook-ups, Fuse slots, BASICLY to make the list short & save time.. It's ALL 3D!!!

                                                                                   Below: The Completed Sub Enclosure, Subwoofers & AMP! & The Start Modeling of my Texan Wire Wheels (A.K.A. 84s / Swangaz) [Note: Yes I did also model a 3D Chain Steering Wheel!]

Ok Now: Below... I Did NOT get a chance to Take Many W-I-P Pics Because I designed the NEW Enclosure From An Idea In My Head.. So I didn't Take the time to stop modeling..sorry.. live with it.... 
Below: Trial fitting the newly redesigned 3d Sub Enclosure (Yes! I know there is a Wheel there.. It's called a Continental Kit! (A.K.A - 5th Wheel)

Below: [5]Fully 3D 6x9 Audiobahn DUB edition speakers... [6] Fully 3D 5-1/2 Audiobahn DOOR speakers, Only 3 are photoed....[3] Speakers PER Door! (3D Chain Link Steering Wheel Modeled By ME also)

                                                                                Below: Upclose render of the Trunk audio... Which Includes The Following: [4] Audiobahn Flamed Subwoofers (2 in - 2 out), [1] Audiobahn capacitor, [1] 7inch DVD screen & [2] Audiobahn Flamed 2300 Amps.. All in a custom modeled Enclosure...

Below: Close up/Different angle view of the "3D" flame modeling on the subwoofers & amps....

Below: Nicely Detailed set of 30spoke Texan Wire Wheels (A.K.A. - 84s / Swangaz) [It's a Texas Thang!) [ALSO This was taken BEFORE I applied mesh smoothing...]
[!!!NOTE!!! - There are some audio models not shown such as the 15 inch flipdown incar dvd screen, [2] 7inch headrest DVD screens & a fully 3D audiobahn headunit with fold out navigation screen... Those of which are still being detailed to look PERFECT!!!!]

Friday, February 25, 2011

Updates, Updates...

Yes I realize I am lacking in I have been fuckin' busy with modeling my custom 3D audiobahn setup... Will post pics with in the next day or 2.. the progress on it's completion is about 80% and currently at 93,603 polys... All that is left is to model the Rear deck's 6x9's which should put it at about 110,000 polys (estimating).. this includes [1 Custom design trunk subwoofer enclosure], 4 subwoofers (2 in - 2 out facing), 2 detailed Audiobahn Amps, 1 DVD screen, 1 audiobahn capacitor, 2 custom design door speaker inclosures with a total of [6] midrange with highs.. I will just let the images speak for themselves when I post them..

Have I a nice day,


Monday, February 14, 2011

New Blogspot Site

 Well due to my ignorant side on Driftmods, My last login attempt was a fail guess I finally got banned, No big deal.. It's only the internet as I always say!

 Well to keep it real I decided to start my own new blogspot, which will be used to show off some of my 3d modeling talent along with some of my Live For Speed mods and skin stuff..

To start things off here is my contact info:
YIM = Deek_99
Skype = godbutcallmedeek
Live For Speed = rockstarmotorsports  - Racer Name HP-DeeK