Friday, September 9, 2011

Project From The Previous Week..

Well, below is what I have been working on for the past week.. 
Anyone Familiar With Older GTA-VC & SA Mods Has Probably Seen This Car Mod Before!
Original VC Mod By: RusLev, Converted To SA By: Bad Religion!

Is Some Of The Modifications I Have Made Along With ALOT Of Scratch Modeling Done By: MYSELF!
1st Image Notes: 
-A Look @ The Custom 28inch Deep Dish (9inch lip) "Deek" Designed Blade Rims (I Did Have To Edit The Original Wheel Well Housings To Allow The Clean Fit Of The Larger Rims-So That It Did NOT Have To Have The Suspension Raised "Drastically").

-- 3D Modeling Start Of What Will Be A CUSTOM "Center Console" Subwoofer Enclosure.

---A "Simple" Roof/Body Edit To Make It A "Targa" Top (Still Some Work Left To Do On It).

I Reshaped The Inner Trunk To Give It More Space, Which I Will Be Using To House "Another" Custom Audio Setup Made By Me...:P  

Scratch Modeled Frame & Rear Axle, (Both Of Which Are Modeled By MYSELF). I Still Need To Finish The Front Before I Model The Shocks & Springs.. 

Here You Can View The Front Section Of The Cars Frame, & Automatic Transmission Along With a Custom Oil, Starter & Exhaust Header Ends. All Of Which I Modeled 100% By Myself.
My Oil Pan Model Is Actually My Attempt To Replicate The Real Aftermarket Oilpan Avalible For This Engine In "Real" Life...

The Hardest & Longest Part Of This Custom Lincoln.. 
My Scratch Modeled - 460 Cubic Inch Big Block Ford V8...
Nothing About This Engine Is "Factory" Other Than The 460Cubic Inch Diameter...
All Custom Billet Style Pullys, Custom Edelbrock Carbs & Intake Manifold, Custom Edelbrock Style Aircleaners, Valve Covers "WITH" 3D Ford Logo.. 
I Did My Best To Keep The Poly Count Down, My Last Count As It Stood In "THIS" Picture Was Just Under 47,000 Polys.. 
(P.S - Sorry About My Shitty Rendering Skills... Deal With It.. I Can't Do Everything Perfect ALL The Time.. Just 99.9% Of The Time) 

A Preview Of The Ford 460C.I V8 In The Lincoln's Work In Progress (Yet To Be Finished) Engine Bay.. 

I Still Have ALOT Of Work Left To Do On This Mod, So I Will Keep You All Updated From Time 2 Time.

New Modeled Fully 3D Grill (To Replace The Low Poly Shit Job Texture They Originally Had)..
Some 3D Re-Working Of Thier Original Front & Rear Bumpers...
The List Goes

I Am However Taken A Short Break From This Mod W.I.P, To Allow Myself A Few Days To Practice Some Ingaming Since It Is A Weak Point I Have Yet To Master..

Thursday, September 8, 2011

A Little Bit Of Spare Time......

Well as I felt it was time to look back on some of my earlier work, I decided it was time to take so of my older modeling and give it new life.. Starting with...

For those who have followed my blog from the start (or aleast looked back at my first few post)... I was at one point working on 3d modeling a nice set of  "Texan Wire Wheels" (a.K.a.) 83's/84's.. I decided to DELETE most of what I had originally done the 1st time and start to detail it more "accurate" to my liking.. along with give it some new tread to roll on:)

BUT 1ST! A picture Of my ORIGINAL "T.W.W." Model & Tire

Now:! Here are the new [FINISHED MODEL] Pictures...
-Old: Lugnuts, Deek Logo'd Center Cap, The "10" Spokes Going From Center Cap To - Rim....
--New: Complete Outer Rim, "3D" Vogue Tire Sidewall & Complete Tire, Valve Stem, "20" Spokes Going From Lugnut "HUB" To - Rim....

Next: Vogue Tire Texture, Probably Could Have Looked Better.... BUT I Am Happy With The Results :)

Next: -- 1ST Off Let Me Say, YES I KNOW! The Tread Does NOT Line Up Perfect... It's Close Enough For Using In GTA Though.... (BTW - This Rim Is Ment To Replicate A "15 Inch" Tire/Wheel Package! Which Is Why The Tire Is NOT Set To Be A Low Profile!)

And Last, This Is Just A "Spare/Extra" Part I Made With Part Of The Rim.. It Is What We Call... A 5TH WHEEL (OR/a.K.a.) A "Continental Kit".....
Example Of A 5TH Wheel/Continental Kit: You WILL Notice A Wheel "Resembling The Image ABOVE!" Mounted On The REAR Bumper!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Deek a.K.a The King Of Slabs Presents.....

Along with a New friend.. we decided it was time to take GTA-SA to a whole new level.. So between my pure awesome talent of modeling, his decent talent of  modeling.. & awesome talent of ingaming just about anything I can model.. I now present to you.. the people of GTA-modding.. ONE HELL OF A CRAZY CUSTOM!

??? WTF IS THIS.. Another Rolls-Royce????

OF COURSE NOT.. That would be to easy for the King Of Slabs......
22 inch Custom "Bladez" Modeled by: Me (Deek)

Now Time for the Show... :)

By now you have probably went :O then said WTF Deek.. Well.. There is more :)

 That's correct there people.. a ragtop Chevy Phantom Wagon.. And being set in that big empty cargo spot in the back.. A top of the line custom audio setup....

Rolls Royce Phantom Front model: NikiTooh

Chevy Caprice Wagon Model: Pumbars

Still alot of work left.. but the final result will be mind blowing and worth it!