Saturday, February 26, 2011

Some 3D Audio shit modeled by ME! Read all the little notes for details!

Ok so I promised Some Pictures.. Here They Are.. ALL AUDIO & WHEELS MODELED BY ME!!
[The CARS how ever I did NOT model - Respect to thier authors..I Have NOT made ANY MAJOR changes of thier modeling, I have only added to it! As it is hard to get a hold of people to ask permission to completely tear the model apart like most of the mod thiefs do..!]
!!!!Do NOT ask for downloads.. there wont be any.. how ever The AUDIO will be listed on TURBOSQUID for 10$!!!!

Below: The start of my 3D audio setup.. The NEON lettering.. [It's a Texas Thang...]

Below: The starting of the 3D Sub Enclosure...

Below: The FINISHED Sub Enclosure & The Begining Of Modeling The "audiobahn" Subwoofer...

Below: The Start Off modeling of the FRONT "cone" of the "audiobahn" subwoofer...

Below: The FULLY 3D "audiobahn" logo... [Yeah thats how I do.. no simple modeling and than putting all the details in textures.. I do it BIG DOG style!..] 

Below: The Finished "audiobahn" subwoofer... [Was so busy modeling I lost track & forgot to make some W-I-P renders to go from the start to the FINISHED result - MY BAD]

Below: Finished 3d Sub Enclosure & Subwoofer, YES ALL the flames are fully 3D... [Also the start of modeling the "audiobahn" Amp...

Below: Details Being made to the Amp Mesh....[I am sure by now you are all]

Below: MORE 3D detail added to the Amp, Includes 3D flames, Wire hook-ups, Fuse slots, BASICLY to make the list short & save time.. It's ALL 3D!!!

                                                                                   Below: The Completed Sub Enclosure, Subwoofers & AMP! & The Start Modeling of my Texan Wire Wheels (A.K.A. 84s / Swangaz) [Note: Yes I did also model a 3D Chain Steering Wheel!]

Ok Now: Below... I Did NOT get a chance to Take Many W-I-P Pics Because I designed the NEW Enclosure From An Idea In My Head.. So I didn't Take the time to stop modeling..sorry.. live with it.... 
Below: Trial fitting the newly redesigned 3d Sub Enclosure (Yes! I know there is a Wheel there.. It's called a Continental Kit! (A.K.A - 5th Wheel)

Below: [5]Fully 3D 6x9 Audiobahn DUB edition speakers... [6] Fully 3D 5-1/2 Audiobahn DOOR speakers, Only 3 are photoed....[3] Speakers PER Door! (3D Chain Link Steering Wheel Modeled By ME also)

                                                                                Below: Upclose render of the Trunk audio... Which Includes The Following: [4] Audiobahn Flamed Subwoofers (2 in - 2 out), [1] Audiobahn capacitor, [1] 7inch DVD screen & [2] Audiobahn Flamed 2300 Amps.. All in a custom modeled Enclosure...

Below: Close up/Different angle view of the "3D" flame modeling on the subwoofers & amps....

Below: Nicely Detailed set of 30spoke Texan Wire Wheels (A.K.A. - 84s / Swangaz) [It's a Texas Thang!) [ALSO This was taken BEFORE I applied mesh smoothing...]
[!!!NOTE!!! - There are some audio models not shown such as the 15 inch flipdown incar dvd screen, [2] 7inch headrest DVD screens & a fully 3D audiobahn headunit with fold out navigation screen... Those of which are still being detailed to look PERFECT!!!!]


  1. You gone do sum for GTA 4 im fromhouston n i would love it on gta 4