Friday, February 25, 2011

Updates, Updates...

Yes I realize I am lacking in I have been fuckin' busy with modeling my custom 3D audiobahn setup... Will post pics with in the next day or 2.. the progress on it's completion is about 80% and currently at 93,603 polys... All that is left is to model the Rear deck's 6x9's which should put it at about 110,000 polys (estimating).. this includes [1 Custom design trunk subwoofer enclosure], 4 subwoofers (2 in - 2 out facing), 2 detailed Audiobahn Amps, 1 DVD screen, 1 audiobahn capacitor, 2 custom design door speaker inclosures with a total of [6] midrange with highs.. I will just let the images speak for themselves when I post them..

Have I a nice day,


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