Saturday, March 5, 2011

Custom W-I-P 1984 Celica Supra

  Ok Long story short, My nephew's father back in the early/mid 1990's before my nephew was born Owned a 1983 Toyota Celica Supra. It was Lowered, body kit and chrome 15 inch wheels hella flushed.. 
I am trying my best to recreate it into a 3d model. I started with the STOCK 1984 Forza 3 [Celica Supra] model... 

  The body kit and wheels are still a good image in my mind because back then I thought it was the coolest car I tried to ask him for pictures however:( He nolonger has any that he can find.. So I am modeling this all off memory and a few crappy pics I could find on google to reference the body kit too.. The wheels how ever no pics so they might not be PERFECT but they are damn fucking close.. 

List of parts "I" myself am modeling!
-Spoiler to match the one he had on his 1983 celica supra.
--Body Kit: Rear bumper, Side skirts & Front bumper (The main body as a said is from Forza 3)
---Early 1990's ICW style 3 spoke chrome deep dish wheels (which are pictured below) :D 
----Engine Bay- Will not be to detailed.. just the basics to look decent if I decide to put it into GTA... 
-----I "might" model a 1jz just for the hell of it for this model I havent decided yet.. 

Ok Here are some pics.. 

Good start to the style of wheel he had on his 1983 celica supra.. :) wish I could remember the exsact name.. 

I got more Flush than a Toilet bowl.. YA FEEL ME!

Finished!! Except texture.. ALSO not sure if I will use 3d tread IF i decide to turn this into a GTA mod... 

I had just finished the rear bumper, Had not molded the fender flare to it yet..  That will be in next picture:)

Fender flares molded to the rear bumper (not attached but molded to look as if they were).. Along with a qiuck 100 or so poly exhaust tip I made just for rendering.. 

This Is the Progress I have Gotten done on the Spoiler so far.. (its far from finished)
This also shows where I started getting the side ready for the new sideskirts :) 

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  1. That's funny i own a 84 supra, and am also creating one for gtaIV completely stock though, making engine bay, door jams, all that. using same forza model.