Monday, March 28, 2011

New Drift Team!!!

For a few years now [GFP] Tag I run has only been used by me.. But with my recent return to SAMP, I started to think.. Maybe it's time Deek started his own drift team.. 

WhipLash Drift Team

Here are some of the basic NEED TO KNOWS, that will be useful to know BEFORE apply!
[ Test Server [SDU] SA-MP Drift Union Community Server ] 
-You will need SA-MP 0.3"a" to take test-

1. Tests will be given by ME only. 

2. There are "5" Test areas "4" which take place on the STANDARD gta-sa map which I will ride ALONG with you for the test! The FINAL test which takes place on SAnika you will need to go HEAD to HEAD against ME.. you do NOT need to beat me, but you do have to remain close. IF you happen to beat me that is fine. but the whole purpose is to make sure you can handle opponents.. 
I have also taken the time to mark those 4 STANDARD gta-sa test areas on the map BELOW!

3. You may use handling line mods "HOWEVER" it will be best you contact me in advance to let me know your handling line and which car it is placed on - so that during the test it don't look like you suck! lol... Hopefully this rule makes sense!

4. TEAM MEMBERS MUST BE RESPECTFUL! I do not allow childish behavior! You WILL respect any and all other team members and or OTHER TEAMS! if there are any problems with OTHER TEAMS.. or members of my team... bring them to ME and I will do my best to solve them..
Team Application

Current SA-MP Name:
-Other Teams You Belong To:


-Native Language:
--Can you speak English?:
( I only speak english so please keep that in mind! )

Will you be using a Handling Line mod?: 

---!Please Reply to this Post by Leaving a comment with your application info!---

Test Area image below!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Last Minute New Project Idea...

 Before anyone asks "NO" The -Supra Bad Celica- is NOT trashed.. I plan on continuing it after I finish this last minute brainstorm.. 

I now Introduce you all to probably the first ever for GTA-SA, Toyota MK3 Widebody.... But to make it sweeter, NOT ONLY is it a Widebody, but it happens to be a MK3 TRUCK!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


  Ok... This update really does not have to do with modeling however it is an important update just the same.

I finally upgraded my operating system from Windows XP home SP3 -TO- Windows XP Pro SP2. I am currently still in the middle of re-installing all my old programs and testing to make sure this OS will be more stable than my XP HOME OS was previously.. 

  The "Supra" Bad Celica project is not dead nore forgotten, it is just on hodl until my PC is back to fully functional..
Thank you all for the support and comments.. Will keep updated as often as I can:)

Friday, March 11, 2011

"Supra" Bad Celica

Well, here it is folks.. Deek's "Supra" Bad Celica.. 
The body kit is almost finished along with the engine bay..
Once they are both complete it will be onto the interior!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Home Sweet Home for the 1JZGTTE

Well the majority of the 1JZ is finished.... It has finally been fitted nicely inside it's new home...
It still has a little work left that I could only continue with after it has been fitted inside the engine bay...
Total 1JZGTTE poly/faces count as of current = 21,804
[Which happens to be roughly 2,000 polys/faces less than I was expecting HOWEVER, I just have a few parts left to model after I make an "inner" engine-bay...

Looks Sexy.....;)

1JZGTTE intake update..

Well progress on the 1JZ is coming along nicely.. Intake is looking beautiful.. it's all coming together nicely and I should remain under my 30K poly max limit, although the intake was a little over 5,000 poly add to the already near 12K poly before the intake was designed and modeled..

[Note:] As normal I have NOT applied mesh smoothing to this so it's still a little rough!

1JZ Update....

Been a few days since I updated my 1jz progress...
[Please Remember I am trying to make this a low to mid poly, yet detailed 3d Engine... Also I have not applied any mesh smoothing as of yet..]

So far the TOTAL count is @ 11,654 "faces"

Still have the BOV's and a few other parts for the turbo to make before those are complete.. 
It's surely one of a kind though:)

Saturday, March 5, 2011

New Celica-Supra update... And Start Of the 1JZGTTE Power-plant..

This will be about 25,000/30,000 Poly when complete
It still needs ALOT of adjustment but once I have all the parts modeled I will fit it together better when I put it into the Celica-Supra.. [1JZGTTE]

Finished Rear Spoiler.... From the picture in my mind of  "9" years ago.. I would say that it is 93% accurate to how the spoiler on my brother-in-law's celica supra looked... 

Custom W-I-P 1984 Celica Supra

  Ok Long story short, My nephew's father back in the early/mid 1990's before my nephew was born Owned a 1983 Toyota Celica Supra. It was Lowered, body kit and chrome 15 inch wheels hella flushed.. 
I am trying my best to recreate it into a 3d model. I started with the STOCK 1984 Forza 3 [Celica Supra] model... 

  The body kit and wheels are still a good image in my mind because back then I thought it was the coolest car I tried to ask him for pictures however:( He nolonger has any that he can find.. So I am modeling this all off memory and a few crappy pics I could find on google to reference the body kit too.. The wheels how ever no pics so they might not be PERFECT but they are damn fucking close.. 

List of parts "I" myself am modeling!
-Spoiler to match the one he had on his 1983 celica supra.
--Body Kit: Rear bumper, Side skirts & Front bumper (The main body as a said is from Forza 3)
---Early 1990's ICW style 3 spoke chrome deep dish wheels (which are pictured below) :D 
----Engine Bay- Will not be to detailed.. just the basics to look decent if I decide to put it into GTA... 
-----I "might" model a 1jz just for the hell of it for this model I havent decided yet.. 

Ok Here are some pics.. 

Good start to the style of wheel he had on his 1983 celica supra.. :) wish I could remember the exsact name.. 

I got more Flush than a Toilet bowl.. YA FEEL ME!

Finished!! Except texture.. ALSO not sure if I will use 3d tread IF i decide to turn this into a GTA mod... 

I had just finished the rear bumper, Had not molded the fender flare to it yet..  That will be in next picture:)

Fender flares molded to the rear bumper (not attached but molded to look as if they were).. Along with a qiuck 100 or so poly exhaust tip I made just for rendering.. 

This Is the Progress I have Gotten done on the Spoiler so far.. (its far from finished)
This also shows where I started getting the side ready for the new sideskirts :) 

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Preview of my Scratch modeled SR20 Engine...

HIGH POLY near 200K [WITHOUT] Intake, Turbo & Exhuast.... Very Detailed.. I will post more pics at some point.. This is a requested view by those who MSN act dumb for when I try to photoshare with them....

AND NO! This is NOT for download...